Excavation has traditionally been thought of as moving material with large machines… Final Grade Inc. has sought to re-define excavation. Our forte is using our equipment and resources to give value to a wide range of residential and commercial customers. We don’t JUST move dirt and stone… we solve problems and fulfill needs with skilled operators, the ideal equipment, and innovative processes. Our roots as a company have been in the Tree Service and Landscaping fields. After realizing that we had so much to offer with our equipment while performing our routine services, we had the innovative sense to not just be ordinary. We wanted to be able to answer the question of “while you’re here, can you do this?” Our skills and equipment will answer the question for us. Please communicate to us your project needs! From site preparation for new construction to moving an old shed up a hill… we have the tools and advice you need. We welcome challenges, it’s what keeps us loving our job!