Serving South Central PA and Surrounding Area
Serving South Central PA and Surrounding Area

Excavation Services

We don’t JUST move dirt and stone… we solve problems, and fulfill needs with skilled operators, the ideal equipment, and innovative processes. 

Tree Service

Trust a trained professional, don’t compromise for just any service provider, we get the job done right! From small stumps to large tree removals that require cranes.


New installation of landscape, Hardscaping, Patios and outdoor living, Retaining walls, and Property maintenance

photo of person using chainsaw

Tree Trimming

Our tree division can help you with tree trimming and removal to keep your property safe. Over time, tree branches […]

uprooted tree cut in pieces

Emergency Tree Work

Another service our tree department offers is emergency tree services. Did a tree or branch fall on your home during […]

brown chop logs on outdoor

Tree Removal

Trees can make your property beautiful, create shade, and increase its value. However, from time to time, trees may need […]

New Oxford PA Tree Service, Excavation, and Landscaping. Serving South Central PA.

When property owners come to us they usually want several things. They want quality work completed, on time efficient service, a good experience, and a reasonable price. In every service we provide here in South Central PA, we work to make sure we are putting the needs of our customers first, weather it be through our landscaping, tree service, or excavation.

We make sure that we are using up to date equipment to reduce downtime, create a good service experience with our professional staff, uphold our work to high standards, and make sure that we care for our customers by giving reasonable quotes for the work that needs to be done.

We have lived by the standard of delivering quality which is why our business has continued to grow and thrive throughout two decades of operation. As a fully insured operator, your property is protected at all times.

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