Serving South Central PA and Surrounding Area
Serving South Central PA and Surrounding Area


Installations, Hardscapes, Retaining Walls, Maintenance, and Patios in South Central PA

We Provide the following Landscaping Contractor Services.

  • New landscaping installation
  • Hardscaping
  • Patios and outdoor living
  • Retaining walls
  • Property maintenance

“Stunning”. That is what we want our clients to think after we have finished the project. Landscaping, when done well, can transform a property into a showcase of pride of ownership. We realize that the work we do reflects the owner of the property we are working on. We want that reflection to be a good one and show exactly what our clients want for their properties.

Many times we work with owners that already have a landscape that needs to be maintained or spruced up year to year with new mulch, or removing weeds and dead plants, or replacing outdated plants. We take pride in helping our South Central PA clients maintain a beautiful home and property.

Another aspect of Landscaping is full new installs. Sometimes this involves Tree Trimming or Removal, or Excavation to prep the area for the new installation. Patios and hardscapes, retaining walls, bush or tree planting, mulching, and edging are a few of the new installations we provide.

We realize that every project needs to be done correctly. Putting in a patio isn’t just setting stones on the ground. The sight must first be prepped and leveled, then the foundation needs to be installed to ensure a solid and long lasting installation. Cutting corners only leads to problems down the road that will need to be dealt with. With the experience and quality standards of the Final Grade Inc. landscaping team, we know and are confident that we will deliver a stunning product.

For more information or to request a free estimate, please get in touch with us:

Dave Keefer

Landscape Division Manager

Phone (717) 688-1331 Ext. 3